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6 tips to save money on auto insurance.

Group Discounts
Many insurance carriers offer group discounts. Anything from your membership at a credit union to a membership in an alumni association can get you 5-10% off your premiums in some cases.

Removing Collision
Many people carry collision coverage on older vehicles but don’t understand how collision coverage pays out. The most an insurance company will pay out on a vehicle claim is the actual cash value, as determined by the insurance company, at the time of the loss.

Avoid Tickets
Your MVR plays a big role in determining your auto insurance rates. Be sure to always drive carefully to avoid racking up any points on your MVR.

Self-pay Claims
Claims history also plays a role in determining your auto insurance rates. High frequency of small losses can have a adverse effect on your auto premium. In the case of some insurance companies, they may even require you to raise your deductible due to frequent losses.

Vehicles to Comp Only
Many insurance companies will allow you to place a vehicle on your policy to comprehensive only if it is not being used for an extended period of time. Be careful to add liability back on any vehicle placed in storage prior to driving it. This option should only be used if a vehicle is not being driven for a few months or more.

Kick the Kids Off
Young adults and children can significantly increase your auto premiums. Many times they are able to be written on their own auto policies.

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