The mission of Whitaker-LaChance Property & Casualty Group is to turn your insurance expense into an operations asset. We accomplish this through a disciplined process designed to:

  • Identify the risks and exposures your organization faces
  • Measure the costs and evaluate your tolerance for risk
  • Design a unique strategy matching your exposure and tolerance for risk
  • Implement a customized program and continuously gauge the success


Big Picture

The best way to help manage your total cost of risk is to explore all the risk financing options available to you. We analyze the “big picture” to help you determine which plan is the best fit for your situation. It’s not just providing you with insurance coverage – it’s designing an efficient, economical financial strategy for your business.


Helping you understand your risk is just the beginning of our relationship with you. We assist in managing and controlling that risk. We assess your organization and develop action plans that will help minimize and manage losses. We also provide ongoing assistance, consultation and service to help control insurance expenses and promote workplace safety.

  • Stewardship – proactive review and measurement of your program to ensure we are managing the cost drivers
  • Brokerage – assess and leverage with markets to effectively transfer risk
  • Claims Advocacy – when a claim does occur, we effectively manage and advocate on your behalf
  • Loss Control – help you control losses before they occur – the best long- term way to control costs

Knowledge & Expertise

Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you manage both traditional and non-traditional exposures. In addition to cutting-edge coverage knowledge, we maintain national and international market relationships that enable us to execute the most comprehensive and cost-effective program designs. Whitaker-LaChance remains unmatched in the way we utilize our resources to effectively protect our client’s most valuable assets.


Millennial Sales

Sales has been seen in the past as an occupation entangled in deception, but there is new style of selling which has evolved over time. We are in the era of relationship-based sales, it’s all about who you know and your network. Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce today and they must learn to adapt. Being a generation that is typically used as the punchline of a joke, millennials must divert from the stereotype to become successful in sales.

Learning to Lead

by: Jerry Whitaker As leaders, we all have one common issue: how to use our time wisely. The issue of time becomes more important as communication speed increases and businesses grow. I read an article the other day that addresses three things that get in the way...