Insurable Interest

by: Eric Wagaman

Every day we experience change in many forms. Why is it frequently associated with something negative? Is change a good thing? It all depends on the individual and their attitude to the unknown and their vision of the future. We should all know by now that each person is entirely different from the next and that we all posses unique outlooks on life. For example, if you have ever been in the gym at the start of a new year, you quickly realize that desire to change is prevalent.

The Fear and Uncertainty of Change
Should change be embraced? If change didn’t exist, the world could become stagnant and we wouldn’t experience the full spectrum and joy of what life has the potential to offer. Change requires us to step out of our comfort zone, sometimes without a choice, and challenges us to look at a particular situation in a different way;  it can be frightening, but it’s a completely normal reaction. Everyone has fears and insecurities that stop us from taking the first step. This fear and uncertainty is normal, but you can overcome it in time by  learning to embrace it, rather than fear it.

Not to get all political, but we have been and will be experiencing some major changes in the next few weeks and months with the shift of power in Washington D.C. The day after the primary election, this past November, I was in Boston and witnessed the fears of others firsthand. I sat on a park bench outside of Boston Commons and watched severe protests and violent riots due to the outcome of the election. American flags were being burned and trampled, fights breaking out and police men and women were being mercilessly cursed. As I sat there on the bench, drinking my Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, my eyes were opened to the fear of change that overwhelmed my peers.

The political realm is not the only place change occurs. Change more often is experienced closer to home. I can imagine we have all had our heart broken in some way. That can be through a job loss, divorce, death, or even something as trivial as finishing a great show on Netflix. This process can be a painful journey, but the final result can be extremely rewarding – if you allow it to happen.

Embracing Change Encourages Development
Since repelling change can often come more naturally than not, we sometimes navigate life without ever living up to our full potential or allowing ourselves to express who we really are. Change is inevitable and, no matter how happy we are with life at any given moment, it is bound to change the next. There is change happening on a daily basis, all around us. We are always learning, growing, aging and changing. I believe change works for us, if we work with it, and is vital to one’s personal development and happiness.

Final Thoughts
Don’t run from change, it will always catch up with you. Instead, face change head on and enjoy the ride. We should always be moving forward and taking steps to better ourselves, as well as the lives of others. I challenge you to take a look at yourself internally and work to change one thing today, this week, or this month. That one thing could be to quit smoking, make healthier eating choices, become more active or even something as simple as smiling more often. We are far from perfect, let’s embrace change and strive to be the best colleagues, friends and citizens that we can possibly be!


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About the Author:

Eric WagamanEric Wagaman focuses on Brand Marketing and Development at the Whitaker LaChance Agency in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is a Senior at Western Michigan University in their top rated Sales and Business Marketing program.  Eric is a driven individual who is passionate about meeting the needs of others by going beyond their expectations. During his free time, Eric enjoys golfing, hiking, attending sporting events and indulging in new restaurants.

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