Employee Wellness

Employers have a unique opportunity allowing them to reach and make a positive impact on employee wellbeing in and outside of the workplace. Over 70% of employers offer some sort of wellness and over 50% offer a comprehensive wellness program. Offering a wellness program not only offers a competitive advantage when hiring and retaining employees, but it has shown to improve productivity, increase employee morale and engagement, enhance organizational image, and reduce risk factors and overall healthcare costs over time. Organizations of all sizes can implement wellness with scalable costs based on needs, budget, and desired outcome. Get on board and find out how you can start making a difference in the well-being of your employees!

Employee Wellness Services:

  • Wellness Introduction
    • Invite us to your workplace for a 60-minute presentation geared towards decision makers. Learn why employee wellness is important, components of a successful wellness program, and discuss how your organization can begin offering wellness.
  • Wellness Technology Consulting
    • There are dozens of wellness technology solutions out there. How do you know which one is the best fit for your organization? Work with our wellness professional to find a solution that meets the needs of your employees and your budget.
  • Wellness Assessment and Recommendations
    • A comprehensive wellness program is a culmination of many solutions working under one strategy. Our wellness professional will work closely with your organization to assess the needs of your organization through claims data analysis, an organization interview, and employee survey. Recommendations will be made for solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your current culture.
  • Wellness Program Facilitation
    • Need more hands-on assistance when it comes to implementing your wellness program? Our wellness professional can provide assistance in all areas of implementation to get you up and running and increase your participation.
  • Carrier Wellness Integration
    • Your carrier may offer no-cost or low-cost wellness solutions for your employees. Our wellness professional will help you determine what solutions are available through your carrier.