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by: Stephanie Pichan

Creating Good Habits to Create Your Story

What is something you desire for your life and future? Financial stability? A job promotion? Better health? An improved family life? To become more skilled at a hobby? Maybe the ability to compete in a triathlon. Or something more general, like being more responsible. We all have unique ambitions, goals, and desires, but if intention is not coupled with action and good habits, it’s not likely those desires will end up being achieved.

Looking at the final goal or destination can sometimes seem overwhelming or maybe even unattainable. Craig Groeschel states in Divine Direction, “If you try to imagine the end, it seems too grand, so distant, so ideal that you won’t know where to begin.” Being able to visualize where you want to be at the end is important to provide direction and motivation, but the entire journey needs to be taken into consideration too. There isn’t just a start and a finish, but a number of steps in between, or even preceding, that help prepare you and move you forward. Creating good habits is a good place to start.

A habit: a repeated behavior carried out in a consistent setting that begins to proceed more efficiently and with less thought as cues in the environment begin to activate an automated response

Small choices, small decisions, and small habits add up over time to create your story. Begin creating just one good habit. By focusing on just one habit at a time, you’ll increase your likelihood of success and, as a result, gain more confidence to continue working on future habits.

What is one habit you can start creating today?

Simple tips to help you start creating a new habit:

  • Choose a simple habit. Simpler actions become habits more quickly.
  • Consider barriers you might face and plan accordingly.
  • Combine the habit with a trigger, such as an existing behavior or habit, time of day, an alarm on your phone – anything to encourage an automatic reaction.
  • Be patient! A new habit can take an average of 10 weeks to form.

Share with us in the comments section a new habit that you would like to begin or tips for others from your own experience!

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About the author:
Stephanie Pichan
Stephanie Pichan joined Whitaker-LaChance in 2016 as the Health and Wellness Coordinator and is a licensed health and life insurance agent. As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science Community Health Education program at Western Michigan University, Stephanie worked as a professional in the wellness field for over 10 years prior to coming to the agency. She brings with her experience in public health, health technology, behavior change, nutrition, and holistic health practices and therapies. Whether through work, church, volunteering, or every day connections, she’s passionate about helping others live their best life possible.

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