Whitaker LaChance offers individual, family and group health coverage. The next open enrollment for individual insurance will begin November 1, 2017. However, life events, such as moving, job loss, having a baby, and other events that have caused you to lose coverage may qualify you for a special enrollment period. Please contact us at (800) 968-1969 for more information on individual or group plans



by: Stephanie Pichan When my house is messy or my desk at work is disorganized, it can be difficult for me to relax and focus on the task at hand. Can you relate? There are a rare few people out there who work better when things aren’t neat and tidy, but if you’re...

Give Yourself a Spring Cleaning

Spring has a certain “air” about it that energizes people with sweet smelling buds on the trees, warmer temperatures, and a sense that everything is new again. Similar to the New Year, spring also seems to mark a new beginning as a time to start new, set goals, leave...

Good Habits

What is something you desire for your life and future? Financial stability? A job promotion? Better health? An improved family life? To become more skilled at a hobby? Maybe the ability to compete in a triathlon. Or something more general, like being more responsible.