Protect your home with our expert advice and policy knowledge.

We offer a number of benefits to homeowners including:

  • Toll-free claims reporting available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Coverage for your secondary home, town home, or condominium
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage on most homes
  • Policies which are customized to fit your needs and budget
  • Additional coverages are available for your jewelry, computers, fine arts and other special items
  • Coverage for your in-home business

Inspecting Inspections

Purchasing a home can be stressful. Between the inspection, appraisal and not to mention all the paperwork, most people are just ready to move in by the time they get the keys. What many people don’t realize is that after they write a new home policy for the property, the insurance company will also be doing their own inspection.

What Makes it a Home?

by: Aaron Whitaker You bought a house, and moved out of the old one but it hasn’t sold yet. If you go back to the old house almost every day, would it still be considered owner occupied by the insurance company? The answer is likely to be yes if the named insured is...

If You Build It

by: Aaron Whitaker Building a new house can be stressful. Decisions from “what hardware to use” to “what tile do I want in the bathrooms?” are what most people will be spending their time and energy on prior to and during the construction. What is often thought of too...