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by: Jerry Whitaker

As leaders, we all have one common issue: how to use our time wisely. The issue of time becomes more important as communication speed increases and businesses grow. I read an article the other day that addresses three things that get in the way of leadership learning.

First, most leaders are busy taking care of business. You know, the day-to-day routine that pulls you from working on those items that can help improve you as a leader. The pressures of business leave little time for self reflection. If a leader does not work on behaviors and skills, then how will they improve as a leader?
Second, most leaders tend to focus on management versus leading. Kimberly Paterson sums it up very well, “Leadership isn’t budgeting, structuring jobs, hiring, measuring performance and problem solving. That’s management. Leadership is taking an organization into the future.” Leadership is empowering people and promoting the vision that all will be able to catch. Change is not for the sake of change, but change that is useful for a business to grow.
Third, leaders think change will happen on its own. Leadership development requires practice and more practice. It is not looking for the latest fad, but practicing and learning areas that need to be addressed in your leadership development. Just because you have done something a certain way for a long time does not mean you don’t need to grow in leadership. There must be a focus and desire for life-long learning.
Learning to Lead
Times change and so does what is required as a leader. Respect and trust are sorely lacking in today’s world. Anxiety and fear are becoming more the norm. A leader needs to be flexible and be willing to learn and use multiple leadership styles. In today’s work environment there are three generations with separate beliefs about work. There is a wealth of knowledge out there. Make time and challenge yourself to become a “Life Long Leadership Learner”.

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 About the author:
Jerry Whitaker
Jerry joined Acrisure in July of 2010 as an investor with over 25 years of commercial and employee benefit insurance experience, specializing in large contractors, large property management companies, surety, Captive Insurance Programs, Alternative Risk Financing and Professional Employment Organizations. Jerry brings strategic risk management that focuses on the true costs of risk, then attacks the cost drivers within the insurance program and uses risk management to mitigate risk for his clients. His expertise is on the effects of wellness on workers’ compensation, disability and employee benefits. Jerry graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in 1984 with a BS in Business Marketing and Minor in Communication and Economics. He earned the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation in 1995 and the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) in 2006, and is a member of the Risk Insurance Management Association (RIMS).

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