Whitaker-LaChance has a dedicated Surety department for a seamless delivery to our clients. Whitaker-LaChance has some of the best talent in the Midwest and does more than just place your bonds. Our team of Surety professionals is well versed in Surety Risk Management and is able to provide a wide range of services including:

  • Transactional Services
    Issue bid and performance bonds. Review bond form language. RFQ/RFP review and analysis. Contract/subcontract review and analysis.
  • Surety Risk Profile Analysis
    Profile current Surety Marketplace against competitors based on business plan, book diversification, financial compliance requirements, management continuity, A.M. Best Rating, T-Listing and price.
  • Surety Credit Facility Analysis
    Pricing analysis. Indemnity analysis. Credit capacity vs. client business model.
  • Consulting Services
    Balance sheet and income statement analysis and benchmarking. Work-in-progress analysis and monitoring. Cash flow analysis. Financial presentation content analysis. Continuity analysis. Planning sessions prior to Surety Company meetings. Credit maximization action plan.
  • Improved Terms & Conditions
    Establishing strong relationships with industry-leading sureties affords clients access to more favorable terms and conditions.
  • Flexibility
    Whitaker-LaChance grows with the client’s business. We can develop increased capacity to support expanded work programs, acquisitions and the overall growth of company.
  • Personal Service
    Whitaker-LaChance will continually work to improve and develop the programs of its existing accounts. Understanding the needs of clients and building on established long-term relationships.
  • Cutting-Edge Operational Software
    SurePath software specifically developed and updated to produce surety bonds. Whitaker-LaChance has the ability to handle complex accounts, even clients that may require several thousand bonds in place while managing hundreds of different bond forms.
  • Industry Presence
    Whitaker-LaChance maintains membership and actively participates in numerous industry-specific professional associations.