by: Aaron Whitaker

I’ll be getting married next month, and that means I’ve rented a venue. I signed a contract that requires me to provide a certificate of insurance with the venue listed as an additional insured. Anyone who has rented a venue has likely seen this request. Many go out and get one-day event policies, often for the tune of at least $300.

Is there coverage for a wedding at a rented venue (rented by you or the policyholder)? It depends on how your home policy terms read. Clarity can be found in the liability section of your home policy, tucked away in that fat pack of papers found just after your declarations. I would recommend asking your local agent regarding this coverage as policy forms read like legal documents (they are).

A renter’s policy actually provides liability coverage for me at the venue. A section of the forms on my renter’s policy specifically states that I have liability coverage for any premises not owned by an insured which any insured may rent for non-business purposes. While this certainly isn’t the case for all home policies, it is worth checking on with your agent to see if you might be able to avoid getting that $300 one day event policy.

There are some things covered by the event policy that would be excluded from the home liability. Host liquor liability can be an issue with the home liability when guests are charged for alcohol at the event, while liability coverage for the above can be found on some event policies.

If your home policy liability does cover you at the venue, check to see if your agent is able to issue you a certificate of insurance showing the venue as an additional insured. Your agent should only be able to do this if you do have coverage at the venue from your home policy. Insurance certificate should never be falsified (it’s illegal).

Always be sure to check with your agent before purchasing any other insurance policies. You never know what might already be covered, and a good agent should be looking out for your best interest. I’ll enjoy my wedding with the peace of mind that I have coverage.

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Aaron-Whitaker-300x300Aaron Whitaker joined Whitaker-LaChance in 2014 as a Personal Insurance Customer Service Representative. He brought with him extensive customer service experience from working in a retail professional camera store and computer electronic store for three years in Chicago. Aaron manages all personal insurance placement, marketing, account service and claim management. His expertise is in working with our clients to make sure their insurance program takes care of them through all the changes in life. Aaron is a graduate of Kalamazoo Home School Association and attended Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied Graphic Art Design. He is an avid photographer and enjoys fishing.

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