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Muller & Associates

Offering a full range of employee benefits including group health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, at Whitaker-LaChance and Muller & Associates, we want to be your total insurance solution and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. As a trusted advisor, we want to help our clients by turning insurance into an operational asset.


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Muller & Associates is an employee benefits agency that has been in business since 1980.

Muller & Associates became an Acrisure Agency in February of 2017 and is now located at Whitaker-LaChance 2176 East Centre Avenue, Portage, MI 49002. Muller & Associates has hands-on involvement in their groups and the relationships they develop.

How Can Muller & Associates Help Your Organization?

Available Services:

Annual Review of Policies

We offer an annual review of your policies in addition to a complete market search. This insures you are getting the best plan to fit the needs of your specific group and still within your budget.


Administration of Benefits

Total administration of your benefits, everything from open enrollment meetings and initial enrollment forms, to processing all additions and changes to the employees coverage throughout the year.

Claims Support

If the employees have questions about their coverage or a claim issue, I encourage you to have them call the agency direct. This keeps you from having to make inquiries regarding sensitive matters.


Employee Benefits

We offer a full range of employee benefits which include but aren’t limited to group health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. We also offer a variety of voluntary products ranging from Telemedicine and Identity Theft protection to travel insurance.

HR Management Tool

We offer a Human Resource Management tool, at no charge to you. This program has everything from on-boarding tools for new hires, to open enrollment forms, as well as additions and changes throughout the year.


Acrisure Agency Partnership

Our partnership with Acrisure allows us access to compliance specialists with an entire legal team to keep everyone up to date with new rules and regulations. Since the Affordable Care Act, it is a full time job.

At Whitaker-LaChance and Muller & Associates, we strive to be your total insurance solution.

Let us show you the many ways we can help to alleviate the stress of administering your employee benefits.

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